How to go about your company formation in Dubai

Dubai and the UAE at large have expanded rather significantly in terms of business and tourism in the past couple of years. The fact of the matter is that Dubai has put in a lot of efforts in terms of making it easier for foreign investors and businessmen to establish their presence here. It is for this reason that Dubai has managed to become the business hub of not just the Middle East, but that of the world too in the last few years.


To be honest, just about every other business that you consider now has its presence in Dubai. But the fact of the matter is that there are a number of rules and regulations that you need to pay attention to if you opt for an Ajman free zone company formation.  Here is a look into the steps that you must take if you wish to establish your business presence in Dubai:


  1. Sort out your documents and apply for a visa

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to sort out all your business documents and then apply for your visa. As you wish to travel to Dubai for business purposes, it is necessary for you to get your hands on a business visa. For this, it is vital that you get your documents in order and then apply for visa so that the process remains smooth and streamlined.


  1. Where do you want to establish your business?

The next thing that you need to do is to decide where you wish to establish your business. There are two options available to you in this regard. First, you can establish your business on the mainland. However, for this, it will be necessary for you to take on a local Arab sponsor for your business. While this may sound simple, the fact of the matter is that the sponsor will hold 51% share, which means that he will own the majority of your business. On the other hand, if you opt for an Ajman free zone business setup, there will be no need for you to worry about finding a sponsor and you will get to maintain 100% ownership of your business.


  1. Apply for your business license

Once you reach Dubai, it is time for you to apply for your business license. This also calls for you to ensure that your documents are in proper order so that your licensing process is completed smoothly.

Avoiding misconceptions and mistakes before hiring a translation service

No matter what people claim, you must have the confidence to know that the service you are looking for will become available. Sooner or later, you will find one that you will feel glad about. It is important to note as to why hiring a legal translation company in Dubai is a must. First of all, you must know just why translation service is needed. At its core, a quality translation service is an entity that has hired language experts who are willing to go to any stretch to help customers like you all the time. They’ll not feel tired for a moment regardless of their long shifts. It is up to the user to know more about the service they may be looking for. Legal translation is already difficult and technical than many think. You must look into your needs for a top of the line legal translation service in town. The service, in all fairness, will help you overcome any difficulties you have had in doing translations thus far. Since it is concerned with legal terminologies, it is likely that you will have a number of difficulties doing it on your own. There is no need for it, just consider the following before hiring a translation service near you. However, you must avoid committing the following mistakes before hiring a suitable translation service.

Not knowing your service firsthand

Have you ever thought about exploring all translation options before hiring one? Well, possibly you haven’t, which is a mistake. Ideally, you must begin knowing about the translation service from the time you look to hire it. There is no need to hurry things. Just make sure that the one you find has credibility and reputation in the market. Each of your efforts count big time and you will realize their importance later. It makes sense to know more about the translation service while you can.

Choosing one without exhausting options

Truth to be told, translation services are available in big numbers. You simply need to look for one near you with dedication so that you end up finding one that works. If you fail to do that, chances are that your search will go futile. If that happens, there comes a time when you will have to do it all over again.

Keeping the above in mind will help you find a suitable translation in Dubai service that will come in handy in many ways and you could you it anyway you like.

Tips on finding an exhibition company you can trust

With businesses these days fighting to the end to grab new customers and business opportunities,  exhibition stand contractors have recently gained immense popularity for their outstanding services. The rise in demand of such services has led to a significant increase in the establishment of these companies. When you set out to hire one to fulfill your need to get an exhibition stand designed and built, you are sure to come across many such contractors and builders with every single one of them claiming to be the best. This is sure to overwhelm you, particularly in case you are looking for such a company for the very first time.

To get you started off on the right footing, here is a look into a few steps that you should take when you set out to hire an exhibition design company in Dubai.

1. Get references
References can prove to be extremely beneficial in the business world. A lot of business owners take on the services of certain vendors for the simple reason that they were referred to them by someone they know. When looking for an exhibition company around you, it is highly recommended for you to get in touch with people in your social circle and your business acquaintances and ask them for references. The best person to reach out to in this case would be someone who has recently taken part in an event. When they give you a reference, ask them about the sort of experience hey had with the said company, how much they were charged, whether any hurdles came up in their services and the steps taken by the company to resolve them.

2. Research on them online
The next thing that you need to do is conduct research on the said companies over the internet. Go through their websites and see what they have to offer. The most important element for you to consider in this regard is that of their portfolio. This is going to help you assess the quality of their work and you will be able to judge whether they have the potential to deliver as per your requirements or not. While on the internet, make sure that you also go through the reviews that they have received from their previous clients.  There are many different Web platforms that you can use for this purpose, so make sure that you check them all out. Shortlist the ones that have the best reviews.

Contact and hire
Last but not the least, get in touch with the companies that you are most interested in. Over the call, discuss your exhibition stand needs and expectations and get more info from them. Discuss your budget with themselves, and if satisfied, hire them right away.

5 Factors and Results Your Clients Need To See In Your SEO Reports

For clients for are not knowledgeable with SEO, this digital marketing campaign is an enigma. Seldom have they known what is going on behind the scenes. Most of the time, they doubt the efficacy of the strategy.

Which is why furnishing an excellent SEO report that would explain what has been happening to the campaign. However, creating SEO reports is a task that any SEO expert frowned upon. But as must it is a chore, this document is necessary to give the clients an overview on what has been happening to their campaign. If you are new to this kind of task, here are the basic SEO metrics that clients need to see on an SEO report:

  • Keyword rankings

Some digital marketing experts say that website rankings are not that essential of a metrics that the website traffic, but for some clients, seeing how they fare on targeted keywords are important. It is one of the physical manifestations that the campaign is doing well. Providing a monthly rankings report of the search phrases related to the campaign might help your clients see improvements in their SEO campaign. But you need also to manage the expectations of the client when it comes to keyword rankings. Fluctuations and changes in keyword position is normal. But if there is a continuous deep in ranking performance in the past few months, it might be best to check it out.

  • Website traffic

Website traffic is a very important metric in SEO, but it is also very broad. To give the clients an overview, it would be best to break it down to the following: Sessions, Users, Page Views, Page/Sessions, New Sessions, and Average Session Duration. These elements (from Google Analytics) will give you clients a general idea on the website traffic, especially with the number of users visiting the page and how long and how often.

  • ROI figures

Before an SEO campaign rolls out, SEO experts and the client usually set a goal that they want to achieve. This goal is also set in Google Analytics. You need to include in the report how far along your team is from reaching that goal and what has been done to reach that goal.

  • On page and off page work

Part of SEO campaign is doing off page and on page work on the site. You need to inform the client about the monthly activities and strategies that you implemented that would justify the increase in performance.

  • Next action plan

The best way to end a report is to inform the client about your next steps. This would give them something to look forward to for the next month. Be sure to give a list of realistic activities that your team would implement on the coming months.

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Tax : Qualities of a Good Tax Consultant

Tax consultants, also referred to as tax advisors or tax practitioners, are professionals who are educated in tax law and have thorough knowledge and understanding of the tax system of their countries. They are providing clients with financial/tax-related advices like how to compute taxes based on their investments and how to legally lower their tax liabilities.


Most tax accountants have earned a degree in accounting—it may be a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Those who want to have a competitive edge over other accountants usually take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam after graduation. New accounting graduates usually work for public accounting firms to gain experience. After getting the experience they need, some of them prefer to be self-employed while others become directors and partners within their firms.


There are two common work environments for tax consultants; it’s either they are self-employed or they are working for financial/tax firms.


A career in tax consultancy may be appealing to people who finds joy in working with numbers and solving problems; people who prefer a fast-paced work environment and enjoy doing extensive researches. One of the main challenges of being a tax consultant is the long work hours, especially during the tax season. It is also difficult for new tax consultants because they usually face a steep learning curve.


If you are in need of a tax consultant, make sure the professional you will be hiring possesses the following characteristics:

  • Specialization – make sure that the tax consultant you are hiring is specializing in one or more areas of taxation (tax return preparation, tax planning, etc.) Look for that seasoned tax accountant offering specialized services because they are usually the masters of individual and business tax laws.
  • Knowledge – the tax field is too large and tax regulations are ever-changing. There are only few people who have great knowledge about taxation; make sure you hire one of them. A good tax consultant should always familiarize himself/herself with the latest updates on tax regulations.
  • Experience – why settle for new, inexperienced tax consultants if you can hire seasoned ones? Look for financial/tax companies with years of professional experience in the field of taxation.

Your search for that tax company with the specialization, knowledge, and experience in tax law is over. Visit today and get expert advices from the best VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi. Our tax consultants are prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. Let us take care of all you tax needs today!


Are serviced offices really advantageous?

The term services offices is also known as executive centers or business center. Some people even call it suites. Different people use different names for it in different countries across the globe. A serviced office is an office which has all the basic facilities. It is more like you rent a service office and you start doing your business operations. You don’t need to think about buying computers, neither you should be concerned about buying furniture as serviced office have it all for you.

You can find business centers in dubai at quite pocket friendly rates. If you want a serviced office you can take it on rent or you can take it on lease it isn’t like that you are just allowed to take one office. You can take the entire floor on rent. The office space which you need depends entirely on the number of people you will be hiring for your company. This thing is totally upto you.

You can call this office as pay-as you-occupy space. Surely there are multiple perks of taking a serviced office on rent. You save yourself from the trouble of buying furniture and other technological equipments. A serviced office provides you with the furniture and technology equipments so that you carry out your everyday’s operations easily.

A serviced office provides with the facilities you look for!


The most important thing which you get by opening a serviced office is that you get the flexible options. You can take on rent the space you want and you are not compelled to use all of it If in near future you feel like to narrow down the place you have taken you can do it. This flexibility is not something that you get everywhere. Not everyone provides you with this option. Especially when you talk about other people who give their offices on rent, they don’t give such facilities.


The location of your business plays a significant role. When you fix meeting with your client in your office. He first sees the location of your office. Services offices are always built in the prime district. Serviced offices always have an ideal location. If you will open up your office in an ideal location for sure it will give a good impression to your clients. If you particularly talk about Dubai, then nothing can be a better option for you other than owning an office in business bay. You can look for the Co-working spaces in Dubai. For sure you will find plenty of them

All you need to know about audits

For sure most of you have heard this term but are not particularly familiar with what an audit is and how it is conducted? There are so many auditing firms but people don’t know the core purpose of these firms.

Basically, an audit is the perfect evaluation of the organization or the process, project, the whole system or of the product. A perfect audit helps you in determining your key strength, your core competencies and the areas where you need to work on, the areas which need most of you care. It gives you a perfect idea regarding how you can gain more profits by changing the current situation of the company.

Why does company perform a financial audit?

A financial audit is done to prove it to others that the financial statements given by company are true, they are not fake. A perfect financial audit will truly explains the companies’ position in the sector, which company is operating in. Many companies provides the fake financial statements here the auditing firms help you in identifying the odd one out. A perfect financial statement builds the trust of stakeholders of the company and will Help Company is assessing what a company is doing wrong and what a company is doing right.

You can seek the services of any good auditing company in dmcc. An audit is basically done once a year and after the audit companies release their financial statements. Financial statements which companies releases after audits give them enough confidence to the stake holders and investors that the company is worthy and the statement is the true representation of all the assets and liabilities.

Risk of misleading information

Auditing firms reduce the risk of any misleading information. There are two types of audits internal audits and eternal audits. Internal audits are often performed by company’s employees so that the company gets to know about its financial situations and the challenges which company is facing. It helps companies in knowing about the problems. This way companies get aware and try to solve those problems before the external audit which is done by auditing firms.

External audits are really helpful

Basically in external audit, the auditing firm which you consult sends their independent staff which is known as auditors to completely evaluate the financial statements. Companies hire the external auditors once a year for the annual audit.

There are so many good indian company formation consultants in dubai, which provides you with the best external auditors. A good thing is that they are reliable and help you understand your core competencies, your financial situation and surely helps you in decision making so that you maximize your profit.

Types of Office Spaces for Business Owners

Having your own office space can bring a lot of benefits to your business. With a space, you can run your operations, conduct meetings and it can also build a sense of authority and trust on your brand. Unfortunately, not all can afford buying their own commercial space and try an alternative solution: renting.

Office space varies from size and function. If you are currently look one in business centers in Abu Dhabi, you need to know your space needs and requirements. Here are some of the office space types to guide you on your selection:


Serviced Offices

A serviced office is a space or facility equipped and is rented and leased to individual offices or businesses. These manages spaces are called from many names like business centers, managed offices or executive offices. These offices are furnished and fully-equipped with all the things businesses read to run their business. The main selling point is that it is hassle-free and you are sharing some of the amenities to other offices or companies on the floor. Business centers in Dubai provide this kind of requirement.


Co-working space

The concept of co-working space revolves around a shared environment. It can be a couple of people came from different companies working on the same room. The space is pretty much open which provides opportunity to mingle. There are tables and cubicles set up to give tenants some privacy. The good thing about co-working space is that it is more fluid due to its openness and it allows collaboration among tenants who are working independently but share the same values or work ethic.


Virtual Office

Virtual office pertains to providing a business address and communication service to tenants, sans the physical office. Basically, virtual office exists in cyberspace. This type of service is offered to business professionals who do not need a dedicated office space, but they still have to maintain their business presence on a certain location. What virtual office provider give are dedicated people or receptionist to answer inquiries about the service and a PO Box to receive the letters.


Traditional office space

A traditional office space is basically an unfurnished and semi-furnished space that is offered to tenants who want to have control of their business space. The advantage of this kind of set up is that you the tenants enjoy utmost privacy since these office spaces have their own rest rooms and pantries unlike the serviced offices.


Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are separate service provided by space owners for those who need a meeting place on short notice. Clients can book or lease a space on short period so they can conduct their businesses or do arranged meetings.