5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

Active lifestyle promotes wellness and improved lifestyle, which is why a lot of people are encouraged to participate in sports activities. And it is true that it can do wonders to your body and soul.

But being in sports and other physical activities can also put you at risk if not done correctly. Take it from athletes and sports buff that experienced excruciating sports injuries. Although it might be a common scenario amongst athletes and players, there are things that you can do to minimize the risk and even prevent this from happening. An orthopaedic in Dubai provided some tips for you to follow.


  1. Don’t disregard your protective gears

A lot of athletes get injured because they tend to not to use the right equipment or they don’t use it all. Protective gears are invented to ensure that the athletes can protect themselves from possible harm and accident while doing their thing. It would be best to get quality protective gears and wear them all the time.

In case of the equipment, be sure that it made just for you. Different sports need different equipment but be sure it is appropriate to your body type, weight, etc. Incorrect equipment (e.g wrong shoe size, wrong racket, etc.) can put you at risk like stress fractures. It would be best to ask your trainer on the right gears and equipment to use.


  1. Warm Up

It is a must for athletes to perform warm ups before they proceed with the actual activity. This is to help warm and stretch the muscles and prevent them from tearing. Tight cold muscles are prone to tearing and can lead to serious injuries. Do some light exercises first then slowly increase the level of your warm ups until the muscles are flexible enough for strenuous activities.


  1. Condition your body

Not just warm ups. Be sure to have enough zeds and plenty of rest to ensure that your body is on tip top condition before doing any strenuous physical activity. Sleep deprivation can lead to low performance and worse, inhury. Also, be strict with your food intake. Ask your trainer and dietician on the right food to eat and what you need to do to get your body ready for rigorous sports action.


  1. Cool down

After a demanding workout, trainers advise athletes to cool down. This is to help slow down your heart rate and help your muscles recover. Cooling down can also help on avoiding blood pooling in your limbs and help the body return to normal state.


  1. Be cool

Aggressiveness is a good quality, especially when you are into sports. But being too aggressive can also make you prone to injuries. Pushing yourself too hard will stress your body and muscles. Know your limits and if you want to increase your performance level, do it the gradually and do it the right way.

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