Interior Design : Using Basic Design Principles to Decorate Your Interior Space

Basically, interior designing is the art of creating a character for your interior space—from analyzing programmatic information and establishing a conceptual direction to refining the design direction and producing construction documents. Below are some of the basic principles of interior designing:

  • Balance – in the field of interior design, balance is the equal distribution of visual weight inside a room. The 2 most common types of balance are symmetrical and asymmetrical. You can say that the interior of your room is symmetrically balanced if there are same fixtures or accessories placed in the same positions on either side of a vertical axis. On the other hand, you can incorporate asymmetrical balance with unidentical objects that have equal visual impact. Asymmetrically balanced rooms are more casual and are leading to more lively interiors.
  • Focal Point – no one wants a boring interior design; experts say that the worst enemy of interior design is boredom. To make sure that your room is not boring, it should have one or two focal points. A focal point should be dominant enough to draw the attention of the viewers. It should also be interesting to make everyone look at other details of the room. A decorative fireplace is an example of a great focal point. If your room doesn’t have an existing focal point, you can create one. Just highlight a particular piece of furniture or artwork. You can make it more noticeable and interesting by adding some heavy lighting.
  • Rhythm – in music, rhythm refers to a strong, regular, repeated pattern of sound. In interior designing, rhythm is about repeating of patterns; it is the continuity or recurrence of movements inside am interior space. To achieve this interior design principle, you need to incorporate repetition, progression, transition, and contrast to your room’s design.
  • Scale and Proportion – both scale and proportion are relating to sizes and shapes. Scale is all about the comparison of the size of one object to another while proportion refers to the ratio of one design element compared to another. These two important principles of interior designing always go hand in hand.

You can design the interior of your home on your own. But if you want it done by professionals who have years of experience in home furniture solutions, you should search for dependable interior designers. Click the links to view the products and services of one of the most trusted interior design companies in UAE. We look forward to working for you.

How to Find a Good Landscaping Company?

When you go to the stores, you do find a lot of books related to home accessories and how can you enhance the look of your house. You find a lot of book related to landscaping and you get to see wonderful landscaping in those books. There are people who think that landscaping is just an additional thing which gives you nothing in return. They think that it’s only the interior of the house that matters.

There is a question. When people enter in your house, don’t they look at your garden or don’t they see how you have designed the landscape. If you think that they don’t see all this then you are just giving yourself silly justifications because they do see all these things. Moreover now people look for various methods to increase the worth of their property, the best thing for them is to choose an inexpensive method which gives them a lot in return. Yes! If they go for landscaping company, that company can surely help them by increasing the price of their house.

There are plenty of amazing landscape companies in Dubai because there, people are more concerned when it comes to the look of their house. They don’t want to feel left behind in anything. Nowadays there are so many television shows that show you professional landscaping. So, it is not good to be reluctant towards changing something for good. If you own a big house and you feel that your house now requires a massive makeover then best thing for you is to go for hard and soft landscaping. It is very necessary that you hire a good landscaping company so that they give a beautiful look to your current landscape. Read more for the details

Where to find a good landscaping company?

The best way to find a good landscaping company is by the word of mouth. You must have friends and some of them must be very conscious about the overall look of the house. So, you can ask those friends regarding a good landscape company. But before that do find these questions

·         Did they complete the job successfully and are you completely satisfied with the level of work or you are looking for something more?

·         How long the procedure was? How was their performance, were they slow in the work?

·         Did you face any issues while landscaping?

·         Is this company pocket friendly or do they over charge?

·         Especially if they are in Dubai, don’t forget to ask are they known as one of the best landscape contractors in Dubai.

Once you will ask these questions, you will get a clear idea whether you should hire that company or not.

Why business cards are important for your company?

To bring recognition to your Company, you really need to have business cards as business cards are the fastest way through which you can bring recognition to your entity. It doesn’t matter in which industry you operate, no matter if you are a lawyers, a doctor, an accountant or you belong to any other profession, it is so very necessary that you market your skills, you need to stand out from the competition. A business car completely gives the information about your skills and it shows how professional you are.

Save yourself from worst situations

The worst scenario is when you are in a meeting and when the meeting ends, you check your wallet r your pocket and you don’t find a business card inside. This is the worst thing that you feel embarrassed because of short of business cards. Can you imagine how does it feel like to give your contact number and email address on the piece of paper? It looks worst than anything. So, you need to save yourself from embarrassment, you need to make sure that you are not running short of business cards. If you are running short of business cards, you can look for business cards printing in Dubai. There are some printing services that provide you with the good packages so it isn’t a bad deal to avail those packages.

Dimensions matters!

Size of the business card matters! It isn’t like that you carry a business card that is too big or you carry a business card that is too small because if it is too small, it will get lost under your car seat and you won’t be able to find it. It should; be of the standard size. You need to make sure that you have beautiful business cards and the text on your business card is readable, colors of the business cards do matter! Suppose you have a financial consultation firm and the color of your card is yellow with red text, then it will look awful, your business card should complement the industry you operate in.

Business cards are something that you need every now and then. Suppose you own a business and your manger left the company, now the one, who replaces that manger, surely needs a business card. It is not like that you get the entire card printed and you are done. You need to take a good deal from printing services because you need to get your card printed very now and then.

Commendable printing services in Dubai provide you with the deals you are looking for. They offer you different packages and you can select the one that suits you that meet your needs.

5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

Active lifestyle promotes wellness and improved lifestyle, which is why a lot of people are encouraged to participate in sports activities. And it is true that it can do wonders to your body and soul.

But being in sports and other physical activities can also put you at risk if not done correctly. Take it from athletes and sports buff that experienced excruciating sports injuries. Although it might be a common scenario amongst athletes and players, there are things that you can do to minimize the risk and even prevent this from happening. An orthopaedic in Dubai provided some tips for you to follow.


  1. Don’t disregard your protective gears

A lot of athletes get injured because they tend to not to use the right equipment or they don’t use it all. Protective gears are invented to ensure that the athletes can protect themselves from possible harm and accident while doing their thing. It would be best to get quality protective gears and wear them all the time.

In case of the equipment, be sure that it made just for you. Different sports need different equipment but be sure it is appropriate to your body type, weight, etc. Incorrect equipment (e.g wrong shoe size, wrong racket, etc.) can put you at risk like stress fractures. It would be best to ask your trainer on the right gears and equipment to use.


  1. Warm Up

It is a must for athletes to perform warm ups before they proceed with the actual activity. This is to help warm and stretch the muscles and prevent them from tearing. Tight cold muscles are prone to tearing and can lead to serious injuries. Do some light exercises first then slowly increase the level of your warm ups until the muscles are flexible enough for strenuous activities.


  1. Condition your body

Not just warm ups. Be sure to have enough zeds and plenty of rest to ensure that your body is on tip top condition before doing any strenuous physical activity. Sleep deprivation can lead to low performance and worse, inhury. Also, be strict with your food intake. Ask your trainer and dietician on the right food to eat and what you need to do to get your body ready for rigorous sports action.


  1. Cool down

After a demanding workout, trainers advise athletes to cool down. This is to help slow down your heart rate and help your muscles recover. Cooling down can also help on avoiding blood pooling in your limbs and help the body return to normal state.


  1. Be cool

Aggressiveness is a good quality, especially when you are into sports. But being too aggressive can also make you prone to injuries. Pushing yourself too hard will stress your body and muscles. Know your limits and if you want to increase your performance level, do it the gradually and do it the right way.

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Tips on hiring a voice over artist

Most people find it rather intimidating to hire a voice over artist. This particularly holds true for those who have never done it before. This fear is somewhat justified considering that this artist is the person who will read out your scripts. This is the reason why voice over artists are considered as the most powerful connectors between your project and your audience. The fact is that it is the voice that adds visual appeal, emotions and a sensory experience to videos and movies. Given below are a few tips that are sure to help you find the perfect voice for your video:


What kind of voice are you interested in?

When looking for an Arabic voice over artist, it is necessary for you to make sure that you hire one who has the potential to interpret and deliver your script in such a manner that it gives off the right message and feel. The best thing to do in this regard is to write down the qualities that you are interested in. For example, do you want a male or a female voice over artist, should the voice be mature or a bit childish? This is basically going to help you out with the right voice profile. The best part is that it will assist you in narrowing down the results that you are interested in.


Find the talent you want

It is highly recommended for you to visit websites that are focused on helping people find voice over artists. The best part about these websites is that they have samples that you can listen to and then choose which one you are interested in. Apart from that, you can also reach out to voice over agencies that will help you choose an artist in the most professional manner possible.


Narrow down your results

When sorting out a list of voice over artists, it is best for you to narrow down to about 10 candidates. This is going to make it easier for you to make choice. Once done, just get in touch with them, ask them for a sample of their recording, and assess them on the basis of that recording. Apart from that, make sure that you also sort out your budget before looking for an artist for voice over for documentary. In case you have a tight budget, opt for lesser experienced artists.

In-depth information about laser teeth whitening

Those who wish to have whiter teeth have a number of options such as the utilization of whitening gels, strips, rinses and toothpastes. However, the best treatment to get that set of perfectly white teeth is laser teeth whitening. This option is best for people who have brown and yellow stains over their teeth and need to get them removed. To start things out, talk with your dentist initially and ask them about the best hollywood smile dental clinic dubai treatments available these days. Ask about laser teeth whitening in particular and your dentist would tell you just how beneficial this treatment plan really is. Laser teeth whitening is just what you need to get those perfectly white teeth in less than an hours’ time! A major role is played by costs in deciding which treatment option one would like to go for. To state a few facts, take home kits that are dispensed by a dentist can cost anywhere in between $200 to $400 while laser teeth whitening can cost a straight $1000. Even though this is an extremely costly option, you need to remember that the advantages delivered by laser teeth whitening can outrun those given by any other treatment option. Moreover, it lets you have white teeth right away! To begin the treatment, your dentist will first clean out your teeth so that any buildup or plaque that has developed along your gums can be cleared out. As soon as this task gets done, the dentist would apply a bit of translucent bleaching gel on to your teeth and then use a laser light to activate that gel. This cleans up your teeth and the entire procedure does not take more than an hour’s time. In certain cases where discoloration of the teeth is at a very extreme level, the treatment needs to be repeated to achieve the desired results. Yellow teeth are the result of quite a few factors put together. These factors are inclusive of coffee, smoking, red wine and food stains etc. Remember, once the desired results are achieved, you need to take steps so as to maintain the appearance of your lovely white teeth. All of these factors would now need to be cut down so that your teeth do not get stained once again. Formulate a great oral hygiene ritual, which should be followed every single day or else all of your money would go to waste. This procedure is painless and does not cause any problems for people with sensitivity related problems. In all actuality, you would feel a bit more pain when the dentist initially cleans your teeth as compared to the discomfort of the procedure itself. In comparison to take home treatment options, people prefer getting laser teeth whitening and dental braces in dubai done to be able to smile and laugh as they please without having to worry about exposing their yellow teeth.

Latest Trends in the Accommodation Industry

Travel has become an essential part of most people’s lives. Because of this, the accommodation industry has broadened its horizons. Backpackers and regular travellers can now choose from a wide variety of hotel, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and other forms of accommodation to make their stay comfortable and pleasant. Below are the things you should look forward to in accommodations this 2017:

  1. Technology in hospitality will keep evolving. Lately, there has been a rise in “software as a service” or SaaS products. These are more cost efficient and intuitive. Independent hostels and hotels already have channel managers and property management systems that help owners compete better with other accommodation companies. There is also more reliance on cloud computing, which provides more reliability and security.
  2. Niche marketplaces keep increasing. Each traveler has individual needs. It is only natural for travelers to look for the accommodations that cater to their specifications. Pet-lovers, marijuana enthusiasts, and young backpackers are only a few of the travelers that search for the right place that can satisfy their passions. A channel manager is helpful in finding potential guests for specialty hotels or hostels.
  3. Direct bookings. OTAs or online travel agencies dominate the accommodation industry. There is great revenue from OTAs. Those who are planning trips, visit up to 38 websites before they decide where to stay It is always beneficial for the hotel owner to update the website with new photos and offers. The local attractions, amenities, and room sizes. Social media, online ads, and content marketing attract more guests as well.
  4. Simple is better. There seems to be a flow of endless decisions when you seek a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. Nature trips and the experiences in the wilderness offer true disconnection from civilization and complete immersion.
  5. Continuous application of science and data. Since relaxation and rest are two of the main goals of most guests, accommodation companies will continue to use vital customer data and, science to help their guests sleep better. There are also apps that help the guests have pleasant and smooth experiences during their stay. Through these apps, they can control the ambiance in their rooms and even monitor the live at the buffet table. Lighting and sound technology, and sensitive waking techniques and tools are creative means to improve the guests’ sleep experience.
  6. Health and wellness elements. Because travelers are conscious about their health and well-being when they go out, they aim to stay at the feel-good hotels. The accommodations in these establishments are experienced with exercise routines and fitness classes. Edible resorts that cultivate micro-gardens, vineyards, and olive groves are also rising, together with resorts that incorporate nature and eco-agriculture.
  7. Mobile bookings are better in 2017. The power of the consumer increases with the help of mobile bookings. Habits in booking accommodations are changing dramatically. Half of the travelers make use of social media and visit travel agencies online. Mobile bookings are faster and less tedious. They also deliver quicker responses.

In 2017, the accommodation industry will continue to use effective consumer-faced technology and hospitality software. These will then enable a more pleasant and a faster travel experience from backpackers to the business traveller.

2017 Trends in Creative Arts and Design

Technology has driven past creative milestones. When the printing press was invented in the 1400s, it allowed scalable communication of stories in the 1960s. This is when the musicians were allowed by technology to make new sounds that cannot be produced by artists that play live music. With the help of technology, ideas are transformed into art. For 2017, here are some of the trends to anticipate in creative arts and design:

  1. The medium of marketing drives the overall experience, though the reason has not changed. The path to creativity has always been downward. First is a huge creative strategy, which is interpreted in several formats, and then deprived of imagination. Many avenues have been opened by technology. According to the Chief Creative Officer of Chobani, Leland Maschmeyer, brand performance is the one that stimulates passion. It is all about building the total brand experience. This calls for a brand-new approach to the usual creative process. It requires creative strategies based on experience so that individual media channels can be optimized.
  2. The human body will be the greatest interface for users. A consumer’s great experience is based on the interfaces used in an app or a web design. Technology will eventually disappear. What is left is the human body. That is why it will transform into the greatest interface.
  3. Data is transformed into art. People express themselves through technology. If you have the creative brilliance, you can can make the brand unique and special.
  4. Diversity’s function is authenticity. To attain authentic communications between consumers and brands, diversity should be present. Authenticity is the ultimate responsibility in creative design and marketing. Authentic marketing needs to pass through the gates of diversity. Technology is then leveraged to express and create true human moments.
  5. Trust should be the moving force in every marketer’s move. Technology’s algorithms cannot replace human insight, wisdom, and intelligence. Trust between brands and audiences should be nurtured. Ads should not be presented in a wrong language. The new technology returns power back to the target audiences in the form of valuable experiences that the consumers trust. Wearable tech and virtual reality are two examples of such experiences, which can then form new bonds between brands and audiences—bonds that are made of trust.
  6. Value of digital experiences. Consumers are now smarter than ever. They want authentic experiences that are tailored to their aspirations, wants, and needs. Digital experiences that are personalized grow and learn with the consumers should always be required. Interactive content should be gathered from consumers in an unobtrusive and fun way. This type of content gathers necessary information that are used in making tailored experiences and communications. Snapchat is a good example of this. Its designers created a niche user experience. It capitalized on bringing forth their product’s value with their target audience in mind. They did this instead of trying to please everyone.


Bottom line is that consumers are constantly bombarded by distractions all throughout their daily interactions such as fake news. Consumers undergo polarization that is attached to specific brands. With the help of creative arts and design, they can focus on the products that are genuine, under brands in which they trust.

5 South African Attractions that you shouldn’t Miss

South Africa is a land that abounds in culture, history, and diversity. The country itself is roughly the size of Spain and France combined and its stunning scenery, varied cultures, and abundant wildlife draw millions of visitors each year. While everything in South Africa is well worth seeing, unless you live there your time in this wonderful country is limited. There are some things however, that no one should miss if they ever have a chance to visit the Dark Continent.

Kruger National Park

No trip to Africa would be complete without a Safari and Kruger National Park is one of the country’s top Safari destinations. Not only is it the continent’s largest game reserve, but it is home to more mammal species than any other African reserve. Visitors regularly see not only the Big 5 (leopard, lion, elephant, rhino, and Cape buffalo), but giraffes, cheetahs, and more.

Table Mountain

Situated within Table Mountain National Park, Table Mountain rises above Cape Town and is among South Africa’s most impressive landmarks. Ascending the mountain is a thrilling experience and allows visitors a panoramic view of not only Cape Town, but the surrounding countryside. Getting to the top can be accomplished via cable car, but many tourists choose to take the two hour hike to the top.

The Cape Winelands

Surrounded by sleepy villages, majestic mountains, and bountiful orchards, the fertile valleys of South Africa’s Cape Winelands offer visitors some of the country’s lushest scenery. Visitors often choose to follow the Cape’s Wine Routes where they find some of the finest wine makers in the country. The ports, sherries, brandies, and subtle reds and whites of the Cape are famous around the globe for their unique, delicate flavors.

Cage Diving in Gansbaai

Located 2 hours from Cape Town, you can cage dive with Great White Sharks year ‘round in Gansbaai. While this isn’t something for the faint of heart, cage diving is definitely something you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. The waters surrounding Gansbaai’s Dyer Island are aptly known as Shark Alley because of their impressive populations of Great White Sharks. Drawn by a Cape Fur Seal Colony that numbers around 60,000, thrill seekers come from around theworld to cage dive with the Great Whites.

The Amphitheatre

Located in the Northern Drakensberg, the Amphitheatre is among the most impressive of all the cliff faces on Earth.  It is more than 3 miles long and rises to a height of approximately 4,000 feet along the entire length. The second tallest waterfall in theworld, Tugela Falls, plunges more than 3,000 feet from the cliff tops in a spectacular show. There are numerous hiking trails that will take visitors to the top of the cliffs where they enjoy what is reputed to be among the world’s most beautiful views.

South Africa has many more attractions than those listed here and once you visit this vast, exotic land, you will understand why it is among the most visited countries on Earth.