Yao Ming Injured and Out

Yao Ming foot

I normally try to refrain from cursing in my posts, but WHAT THE FUCK?!  Yao is out for the rest of the playoffs.  Really?  Yes.  Apparently Yao has a fracture in his left foot which will require 8-12 weeks of rest.  It’s bad enough playing a team full of douche bags, but now Houston has to try and win without their star center.  Hey it’s alright, the Rockets can just play the back up for the position.  Oh wait, Deke is also injured and out for the season.  There is always next year.  Congratulations on getting lucky LA Lakers.

-Reginald Blackstone

Photo [espn]

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  1. Come on, we all kinda knew this was coming…. looking at his past history, he had been healthy way to long this season. Sucks…. someone needs to beat the Lakers!

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